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Dodano: 07 października 2014

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Training VBA in Excel exceptional interest is among those who want to upgrade their work. VBA training conducted in Cognity are adapted to the individual needs of the participants' training. During the training, trainer guides the presentation material and the use of teaching methods such as case study and workshop work with your computer. While Training with VBA in Excel Cognity also allows you to work on your own material, in order to solve specific problems. In Course Basic VBA persons participating in the training will become familiar with the basics of formulating macros, VBA coding. Understand basic information about VBA editing. Introduction to Programming will also be presented during the course. Participants become familiar with issues such as: functions, arithmetic operators, variables, data types, VBA. During the training, the VBA will be presented issues related to conditionals and loops, such as the conditional statement If Else, For Each ... In ... Next. For people who want to learn how to use MS Excel conduct training as training Basic Excel, Intermediate Excel, Excel Training Exploded. During the training, MS Excel, participants will learn the issues associated with operations on data: data removal, cleaning format data series time. Become familiar with the operations on the objects, the basic functions, data analysis.